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Blind Cleaning

Tip of the week blind cleaning. Some may know blinds can be tricky all depends on the type. For the most part the most common type of blinds we all sue the basic one. Simple trick to cleaning from what we have found out. Blinds can get vary dusty built-up help hair from pets and so on. Some of us may take them down run the bathtub and put a cleaning agent in the water and let the blinds soak and clean them. Sometimes it can be a little time consuming, for some people a little troublesome to remove the blinds. My hack for you is and what works wonders for me is spray your blinds with a cleaning agent, we use dawn heavy duty degreaser, it has a pleasant scent and a very strong degreaser. Spray them let them soak for few minutes and then if your vacuum has a removable hose or wand go over your blinds and suck the dirt, dust and grime right off. No removing them to clean, very little elbow grease involved. Give it a try and let us know, also let us know what you do and what's tips or hacks that you found to help make this task easier for you.

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