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How to Clean your Oven with Ease.

At Sweet Lemon Cleaning we are here to help make that dreaded oven cleaning a lot easier. Of course, there are a lot of different types of cleaners out there, our favorite that we have found, and use is Break-Up oven cleaner. Through the years Sweet Lemon Cleaning has found that the longer you let the spray sit the easier it is to clean. Our recommendation is Spray the oven over night before bedtime, if you plan on cleaning it the next day, once you are wake and ready to clean it, it will wipe off with so much ease just with a paper towel. Hardly any elbow grease involved. If unable to leave overnight spray it first, go clean the rest of the home and come back to oven last and it will make this dreaded task easier on you it may need a little scrubbing, if any scrub is needed try out a pumice stick, it will get that hard head grease or stuck on food right off. Al though everyone has their different way of doing things here at Sweet Lemon Cleaning this is what we have found that works best for us and makes our customers rave about how their oven looks brand new again. Check it out now Break-up oven cleaner I personally recommend it. Leave us a comment about what you use or some tricks that you have found over the years that works well for you. See you soon!

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